The Department offers additional elective courses in English that also satisfy one or more general-education requirement. In recent years these have included:

  • Russian Literature: Russian 0325 (The Short Story in a Russian Context), Russian 0590 (Formative Masterpieces of Russian Literature), Russian 1202 (Dostoevskii), Russian 1203 (Tolstoi), Russian 1204 (Short Fiction of Tolstoi, Dostoevskii, and Turgenev);
  • Russian Cinema: Russian 0870 (Russian Film I), Russian 0871 (Russian Film II)
  • Russian Culture: Russian 0090 (Russian Fairy Tales), Russian 0600 (Russian Street Culture), Russian 0811 (Madness and Madmen in Russian Culture);
  • Slavic Cultures: Slavic 0660 (Science Fiction: East and West), and Slavic 0880 (Vampire: Blood and Empire).