The Russian Major

Russian majors who qualify for Pell Grants may also be eligible for up to $4000 in additional federal financial aid through the SMART Grant program.

Courses Offered

The following courses, which are normally offered each year, constitute the core undergraduate program:  

Language Prerequisites*
Year Fall Semester Spring Semester
First Year 0010 Elementary Russian I 0020 Elementary Russian II
Second Year 0030 Intermediate Russian I 0040 Intermediate Russian II


Language Requirements
Year Fall Semester Spring Semester
Third Year

0400 Advanced Russian I

0420 Non-Literary Readings

0410 Advanced Russian II
Fourth Year 1420 Fourth-Year Russian I

0430 Literary Readings

1430 Fourth-Year Russian II


Core Literature and Culture Offerings**
Year Fall Semester Spring Semester
Any Year

0800 Masterpieces of Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature

0850 Russian Culture I

Any 1000-level course in Russian literature***

0810 Masterpieces of Twentieth-Century Russian Literature

0860 Russian Culture II

Any 1000-level course in Russian literature***


*Russian majors who have prior experience with the Russian language (whether from previous study, from growing up in a home where relatives speak Russian, from travel, etc.) are required to consult with the Language Program Coordinator Dr. Edie Furniss to determine proper placement.

**The core literature and culture courses are offered in English and, in addition to fulfilling Department major requirements, satisfy one or more University general-education requirements (non-western foreign culture, writing, etc.). Language courses (including the 0420 and 0430 reading courses) should be taken in the sequence shown here.

***Russian majors are required to complete one 1000-level course in Russian literature, which they may do in any semester of any year.